Meet our office

When we have designed our offices, we focused to reach the best work environment for our constantly growing team. Each member of the team was able to participate and contribute ideas for our new workspace. We dreamed of a place that would have a distinguished design and structure and that would also be sustainable and contribute to the environment.

After almost 3 years of development, we were able to complete our headquarters office building with all the facilities and comforts that a team of professionals at the forefront
needs, beyond expectations!

Basically we have installed each floor of the building enhancing the work areas. In each office we can find everything essential to achieve a functional area, with great connectivity to keep us up to speed with our work and connected with clients and colleagues, natural light, an unbeatable view and at the same time an area that reinforces our creativity and concentration, key conditions for our "day to day".

Due to the dynamics of our projects, it is essential to have meeting rooms and places to hold video conferences. Each of our team leaders has these spaces to achieve a much fluid communication between collaborators and our clients. Each room has excellent connectivity, the possibility of using a projector with our laptops or using the room's PC. We also have 4K cameras for group video calls.

On the 4th floor we have an area completely designed so that the team has everything they need in their moments of rest, a fully equipped kitchen with coffee machines, refrigerator, ovens, dishes and automatic dishwashers. We also have an area to prepare our "mate", a very Argentine custom. Taking about Argentina customs, we should also point out that we have a grill where we make our famous "asado", almost as an excuse for getting time together, spending remarkable moments, sharing experiences and celebrating our achievements.

At Serfe, we are convinced of the responsibility we all have towards the environment, and for this reason we came up with a plan to make our building reinforcing sustainability for the future. That's why, we have installed solar panels which will provide 40% of our energy consumption. To lower power consumption we have installed double glazing and Inverter ACs. The large areas enclosed by glazed cladding allow us to make the most out of natural sunlight and heating during winter.

We've also included large bicycle racks to encourage cycling to work. In addition, we’ve placed compost bins to process our organic residues (which mainly consist of coffee and “mate”!) showing our commitment to keeping an environmental-friendly workplace.

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Serfe info(at) FALUCHO 2032, S3016LDB, SANTO TOME, SANTA FE, ARGENTINA 1-305-5375397