Meet the team

Serfe Team 2019

​The most important value of the company is the people who is part of Serfe. We define ourselves as a young, dynamic, innovative, creative, curious and talented company so as every member is. We invite you to meet our team:

  • Federico


    CEO and Founder

    Once he completed his studies as Informatics Engineer, Federico set up his own entrepreneurship, called Serfe. Today, after 10 years, he has planned and executed a large number of all kinds of projects related with Internet. His daily routine goes from developing business opportunities with mutual benefits with clients of all over the world, managing requirements, developing and maintaining Linux based servers, and training customers and the rest of the team. Dedication, effort, leadership, and passion for delivering original solutions to customers are some of his characteristics at work.
    When he´s not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and going out on the river. He has a big passion for music and also he is the designated chef for “asados” in Serfe´s celebrations.

  • Leandro


    Project Manager

    Over 9 years working at Serfe, he became capable to lead projects, manage people and resources, motive staff and work in interdisciplinary teams. He is passionate about the challenges that every projects represents, where new tools and technologies can be developed to make the most innovative solutions. He dominates PHP tools and technologies, and is an expert in JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, WordPress, Magento, Angular and CakePHP.

    He loves Management and Leadership, that’s why he completed several courses in this disciplines.

  • Matias



    Matias has a vast experience developing technologies such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, AJAX, and working with CMS like Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress. He stands out for the development of responsive user interfaces and e-commerce platforms with Magento, WooCommerce and Virtuemart.

    Outside the office, he loves to play paddle and spending time with his friends.

  • Lisandro


    Developer / Infrastructure

    He contributes to the team planning and monitoring the company´s infrastructure, ensuring that everything works well. His advance knowledge and experience allows keeping the network and servers working in perfect conditions, achieving the company´s goals. He also takes part in the development and maintenance of Linux based servers.

    Is a passionate of playing football with friends and watching movies.

  • Sebastian



    Sebastian has experience and knowledge in the design and development of solutions based in PHP, WordPress, CakePHP, Symfony, Yii and Web Services. He loves new technologies and is constantly looking forward to make more and more efficient and innovative solutions.

    Out of the office, he enjoys experimenting with electronic projects. He was able to ensemble, configure and drive an RC car connected to his phone via bluetooth!

  • Esteban



    He stands out for combining different tools and making solutions with an excellent cost-benefit relationship. He has an extensive knowledge and skills in technologies as PHP, Javascript and MySQL. He loves MVC object oriented frameworks like Laravel, CakePHP and Angular. He also contributes in setting up and monitoring good practices in object oriented design and programming. He defines himself as an autodidact. 

    He is passionate at new technologies, art and music.

Serfe info(at) FALUCHO 2032, S3016LDB, SANTO TOME, SANTA FE, ARGENTINA 1-305-5375397