We have opened our new office building!

10 December 2019 Published in Blog

Given the constant growth of our valuable team, and all the challenging projects that have been leading us to important achievements, we defined an important goal three years ago: to build a workspace that would make the difference and provide the appropriate infrastructure to accompany this growth. To accomplish this, we dreamt of a place that would have a distinguished design and structure and that would also be sustainable and contribute to the environment. After putting a lot of effort into it, what seemed like a dream has now become true.

Our new building consists of a larger space that allows us to keep up with the growth rate we’ve been having in the last 16 years. It’s located in an unbeatable location 80 mts from the main avenue and 20 mts from the riverside. Thanks to this, we can now enjoy an impressive view of the river from every floor. Also, this exceptional location in the downtown area allows us to have easy access to public transport as well as local shops.

The 4th floor has become a multipurpose room which can be used for training sessions and conferences with the whole team. But this isn’t its only purpose. As we care about providing areas for recreation, this floor has a large lounge area which is great when you need to relax. The eat-in kitchen is fully equipped for everybody to enjoy their lunch break and to get a cup of coffee or prepare the Argentine “mate” we love so much! When some recreation is needed, we can enjoy the videogame area or play foosball. This floor will also be used for after-work gatherings, essential for team building and a great excuse to use our brand-new grill.

We are convinced of the responsibility we all have towards the environment, and for this reason we came up with a plan to make our building as sustainable as possible. We have installed solar panels which will provide 40% of our energy consumption. To lower power consumption we have installed double glazing and Inverter ACs. The large areas enclosed by glazed cladding allow us to make the most out of natural sunlight and heating during winter.
We’ve also included large bicycle racks to encourage cycling to work. And we’ve placed compost bins to process our organic residues (which mainly consist of coffee and “mate”!).

Having completed this ambitious project is a tangible proof that we’ve been walking down the right path during these last 16 years and that we are capable of doing great things together.


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