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Quality Assurance

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We have been improving our processes for 10 years under ISO 9001 quality standard!

15 April 2022

This certification confirms that our practices follow international standards for more than 10 years! On the other hand, recognizes our effort to obtain excellence in terms of quality and achieve the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

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We renew the certification of our quality management system according to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard

16 May 2018

As part of our constant effort to obtain excellence in terms of quality and consequently achieve the maximum satisfaction of our customers, we have managed to renew our quality management system complying with all the requirements of the new ISO 9001 standard in its 2015 version This certification was granted by TUV, a German certification entity that has a history of more than 100 years in the area of quality management.

ISO 9001 2015 Quality Certification

This certification confirms the good practices that we wollow in Serfe and recognizes the professionalism and maturity of our team, as well as its ability to deliver products and services in accordance with international standards.

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Governor of Santa Fe gave us the ISO 9001:2008 certificate!

11 November 2012

After much work and sacrifice on June 12, 2012 we obtained ISO 9001 certification. Concluded this hard work, in Serfe we can now offer to our customers the accomplishment of all their projects with processes certified with iso 9001:2008.

That day, the Governor of Santa Fe gave us the ISO 9001 certification with other 24 software companies of the region. Obtaining this certification is a step more towards the total quality.


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SVN Subversion: Version Control System

08 July 2009

One version or revision of a product is the state where it is at a given moment in its development or modification. Version control is the management of various changes made on the elements of a product. A Version Control Systems allow us to manage different versions of each product developed and made possible customizations (eg for a specific client). In the case of software is used to track different versions of source code that are continually modified by the development team. The most used tool for this is Subversion.

Subversion is a software Version Control System that seeks to replace the popular CVS, which has several shortcomings. It is open source and is also known as svn (because this is the name of the command-line tool).

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