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Another year, another barbecue

17 October 2014

Another year that we celebrate another anniversary and we made a great barbecue with the team work.

Another year that we continue working hand-in-hand with our customers and attending their needs.

Another year that we are reference in quality and support in our sector.

Another year that we are still working with the same principles and values since we were born.

Another year that we work with cooperation and solidarity in our team work.

Another year that we propose to fulfill another year with effectiveness and efficiency in our work.

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“Whatever ever you do, do it so well that they will want to come back...”

21 July 2014

This title it is a part of the most famous phrase of Walt Disney and that it is ​what Ethan, Matias and Lisandro did, they are our clients of California, Usa, with whom we have the luck to work from several years. We received them with a barbecue with the team work. We enjoyed the food, listened great music and played pool. It was an excellent night. Once again we appreciate your visit and the confidence you have on us every day.


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Serfe in the Flisol 2014

29 April 2014

Last April 26th we were in the FLISOL 2014 (“Festival of Installation of Free Software from Latin America"). The PM Leandro Mantaras was a speaker and this time Serfe shared his knowledge about the new Joomla 3 CMS. The conference started by an introduction about Joomla and what we can do with this software. Then, we reviewed the MVC structure of Joomla's framework, his extensions and features. Also, Leandro answered lots of question from the attendees about components, modules, plugin, it strucutre and also made a revision of new templates including Bootstrap, InMotion and Less technologies due its importance on mobile devices.


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Coaching: Develop your Potential

16 March 2014

Since ours origins, in Serfe we have been characterized by a continuous training of our team to offer the best solutions based on the last technologies and tools. In this direction we have performed a training that we consider of great value. This groupal training has led us to a better teamwork and therefore a better development of our processes. "Coaching: Develop your Potential" course was developed by Mr. Andrés Belizán  (Teacher association NTU graduates since 2011 ICC Certified Coach Practitioner in NLP) that led to all Serfe's staff to get new teamwork methods to optimize and improve the performance of daily tasks.

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