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7 years of sustained growth

14 October 2010

Each year, in October, we celebrate our anniversary and this time it couldn’t get any better. After a year of hard work and new challenges, it was time for the crew to begin with the arrangements for the company’s 7th anniversary. The result was a wonderful barbecue dinner in a relaxing evening. 

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Serfe will drop support for IE6 from March 2010

10 February 2010

Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) was released on 27 August 2001, more than 8 years ago, and is the default browser shipped with Windows XP. The market share of this browser continues to decline, now being below 14% globally and less than 7% in Europe and USA. This version of Internet Explorer (IE) has several problems:

  • Does not support PNG transparencies
  • Contains errors when using float + margin / padding
  • Inability to use pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements.
  • Incomplete support of CSS 2.1
  • Presents display errors

Developing systems or websites with IE6 compatibility means spending hours to solve displaying bugs and limit the designs so that they appear correctly in this browser. Besides the user experience is limited to the possibilities available in IE6, modern browsers (IE7, IE8, Firefox 3.5, Safari 4, Google Chrome, Opera 10, etc.) can offer a much better online experience.

It is because of this that from March 2010 IE6 won’t have support on systems and sites developed by Serfe. This means that if you want to have support for this version of Internet Explorer, you must explicitly request it.

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In our new offices

01 February 2010

We began our first year in the new offices, but there is still work to do. The new location has wider and spacious resting area and offices allowing us to provide better service to our customers.


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Software Requirements, Concepts and Methodologies for Agile Teams

30 December 2009

Following our training program, last November we attended the course “Software Requirements, Concepts and Practices for Agile Teams” delivered by Mr. Luiz Parzianello and organized by the Foundation for the development of new technologies.

Its objective was to develop basic skills necessary to capture, analyze, specify and validate a Product Backlog (requirements) effective preserving agile principles and practices. These where the main topics:

  • Present the risks of decision-making process of the human mind and its influence on software requirements.
  • Submit an effective way of identifying the scope of software project based on business analysis and project.
  • Present models and effective practices for working with requirements in agile methodologies with techniques for estimating the size of the problem.
  • Develop an awareness of Planning and Production Control (PCP) for the management of requirements based on concepts and practices of inventory control.

Of course that also took the opportunity to take a walk in the hills of Cordoba.

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