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SCM (Supply Chain Management)

The software for Supply Chain Management (SCM software) ensures the availability of relevant information for planning, set up and control of operations of the supply chain, in order to meet customer needs and get higher profits.

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Document repositories

This solution provides services and tools for documents management needed to allow organizations to manage electronic files and automate processes that focus on company document. By eliminating paper documents, it increases control of documents and records, improves search and reduces physical storage costs.

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E-Learning Platforms

This solution was designed to provide educators, administrators and students with a simple, safe and integrated tool to create their own personalized learning environments, by integrating dynamic courses that extend and facilitate educational process anywhere at any time.

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Knowldedge Database

The main goal of implementing a Knowledge Database in companies is to create a dynamic repository of shared files, where data, texts, procedures, policies, and other information are stored, centralizing knowledge and ideas, an organizing them in a coherent way, making access easier for users.

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence software (BI Software) allows you to gather, polish and transform big numbers of historical data in reports and graphics that help to filter information and identify bottlenecks and your most profitable products and clients.

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Project management systems

Project Management Software is a collaborative tool that allows you to plan, monitor and control projects through a web interface. All members of your team can be part of the project, which helps to manage planning in real time.

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