MPC - Engine

MPC - Engine Description

Web application developed to extend and enhance Volusion e-commerce's capabilities, allowing to import and export information between both systems and giving the users a friendly environment to create or define their own products.

MPC-Engine is an extension of MPC (MyPerfectColor) that enables users with appropriate privileges to create products combining different colors, adding descriptions and tags for search purposes.

The site interacts with MPC-Volusion seamlessly keeping the data consistent and up to date in both systems.
MPC-Engine also offers a backend administration area where it is possible to define how often the update process should run. It also provides tools to manipulate user information.

Using this system, the administrator can create email campaigns for certain users just by selecting which conditions these users should fulfill--consider, for example, selecting all users within the 20-30 age group. Then the system automatically creates a mail group within the web application called JangoMail and adds each of these customers as contacts, making demographic targeting very easy.

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