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Website that provides as main functionality the ability to quote automatically cars insurance through different companies.

For this project we started with an inception phase of consulting and graphic design. During this phase we detailed all requirements and completed branding and web design, whose main goal was to achieve a clean interface focused on the quotes module.

Web design

During the design stage we worked firstly on the identity of the brand, so we got branding logo. Upon completion, we rely on this identity to design home page and then the internal pages.

Home page

On this page we created a module where visitors can enter information to start quotation. A video tutorial is shown below so visitors can know how to proceed with the quotes, the video was made starting with some screenshots and providing necessary information through each steps.

Administrator panel

The system provides advanced management panel, which can only be accessed with username and password. There are two main roles, agent and administrator.

The agent who can only manage contacts and applications is someone from the staff.

The administrator has full access to the system and only he can manage user agent and advanced configurations.

Data Validation

The integration of a database of vehicles and other database for locations (name, city, zip code) was imported. The vehicles are provided by a 3rd party service. We implemented several automatic methods to limit and reduce errors in provided data. Thus, visitors easily choose your car model, make, year and location to get quotes.


The system incorporates a database of Leads/Prospects who are the visitors that completed necessary information for a future contact, the administrator can easily seek specific data, he can filter by name, email and other personal information. The administrator also can even know the steps those contacts completed during the quotation and if they left the process (incomplete quote).


The system will save applications of people wanting to contract the insurance policy online. The visitor will complete additional information such as marital status, date of birth, credit card information to process payments, etc.

Agents/Administrators can manage all requests, update any personal data, vehicle and the selected policy. The agent can change the status of the a quote and add private notes to another agent who can continue the process.


We implemented custom templates for all emails, which are automatically sent to both contacts and administrators to notify on system activity.

Blog and Social Networks

A Blog section was integrated and buttons for major social networks for sharing. Administrators can create, edit and delete posts. An HTML editor (WYSIWYG) and the ability to integrate media files (images, videos, etc).

Technical aspect

All quotations are provided through Web Services implemented with SOAP integrated into the CakePHP framework. To achieve this integration we had to interact with IT teams from each insurance company and request the necessary functions to retrieve the quotation of each product type according to the vehicle and personal data of the applicant. 

Each query to all web services are performed asynchronously to avoid delays in the results. Thus, when the quotes result page is shown, an animated gif is indicating the system is waiting for the results, this is replaced by the corresponding price as soon as the information is received, otherwise a contact button appears in case no price is received for any reason.

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