Regalobox Description

Regalbox is an online store where people can acquire and buy experiences as a giftcard. People who receive the cards won't be seeing the cost of this service and they are able to exchange this giftcard for an activity based on a wide range of providers in the service catalog. You can access the site here

Development phase

For this project we started with an inception phase to review high-level requirements and define them in detail. We also defined the best system architecture. This was developed based on two main sections, the online store and the backend system. In order to implement the store we installed and configured Magento. The backend system was developed with CakePHP integrating both systems to manage the giftcargs and its options.

The administrator panel is based on MVC pattern design, under CakePHP framework and a default layout.

All features we have developed allow administrator users to manage everything on the web application, for example users (experiences providers, giftcards suppliers) the giftcards (create, assign, update status), experience or services (description, location, pictures, rating, keywords, map and more) and also they can generate reports associated to giftcards sales and billing, including useful information and statistics to continue improving the business.

We have also implemented a section where a provider is able to use the barcode reader to scan the giftcard and validate it before release the service.

The default Magento product view has been improved to allow the customers to easily find and read information about all available experiences. Everything is editable and all features were added via modules according to Magento standards to perform actions related to the giftcard.

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