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Biedler's Belts has been a family owned and operated business since it was founded in 1950. They do complete motor repair service from fractional hp to 300 hp including rewind, repair of most major power tool brands as well as they are authorized reseller for major brands.

Development details

The client sent requirements to adapt the system to their needs, we evaluated and validated everything with them before start our development. Development progress has been reported almost daily to our customer, they were closely follow this because they had been waiting for the system improvement from previous developer with no succes.

The site was already implemented with Magento, well structured but the basic options were not enough. So we started installing and customizing some extensions.

Among most important task we did, we can mention the speed optimization based on PageSpeed and the product microdata schemes integration, breadcrumb and product offers for all pages. We installed and configured extensions to compress and combine Javascript and CSS files, also Gzip compression and images optimization to increases even more page load speed.

Under the ecommerce's most important category, we configured a product template to create products with certain predefined attributes, this makes product management much simpler and faster. We implemented a few Magento overrides on templates and functionality as well.

We also worked on migration task, to import new product data provided in Excel files by our client, which were then used in a new product page design under main sections in site. Finaly, we implemented a parallax navbar to show different sections under the new product page template.

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