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Open Avenue aims to bring real estate investing to the masses where investors can invest in stable and secure real estate projects across Canada.

The main workflow allows users to collect funds and finance their projects is based on a simple process that starts with become a Developer user at the application by registering and then start creating Projects with appropriate description and detailing to get people interest.

Investor users are able to browse the different projects and once they get interest on one of them, they can invest by completing a "Known Your Client" form.

Inception phase

We start collecting and reviewing all requirements from our client, checking real examples and validating technical specifications to confirm objectives and viability.

Development phase

Firstly, we developed a backend administrator from scratch, implementing tools and modules to manage users, developer, projects and buildings. Then, we implemented frontend interfaces and integrated dynamic sections.

In order to make process easy for investor as well as retrieve all necessary information from them, it was defined a KYC form with several steps. On final steps, investor must sign their application, this has been done using HelloSign which provide a verified digital sign. After that, the system send notification to all super admin users whom then will approve investor confirming with Transunion API for ID verification and process payment with Versapays gateway.

When everything was working as specified, we applied the web design provided by the client and then site was ready for launch.

This project involves several weeks of strong testing using manual and automatic tests cases which were implemented for this particular project.


Laravel: The PHP Framework For Web Artisans based on MVC.

PostgresSQL: is an open source relational database management system ( DBMS ) developed by a worldwide team of volunteers. PostgreSQL is not controlled by any corporation or other private entity and the source code is available free of charge.

Bootstrap: Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

Skeleton: Skeleton is a lightweight CSS framework.

jQuery plugins:

  • Dropzone (drop files and uploaded)
  • Cropper (Crop images)
  • jQuery File upload (advanced jQuery file upload)
  • CKEditor


Mandril: Email delivery API from MailChimp

Codeception: framework for writing and execute a automated test

Transunion API: service to verify identity of people based on several data they provide as first name, last name, address, phone, etc..

HelloSign API: service to create, populate and sign documents biding them legally

Versapays API: Integration we did for payments

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