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Gleanspot is a lifestyle website, which is built in Wordpress, where administrators can publish news about different topics like technology, culture, science, etc.

The website offers to visitors different sections where they can browse recent news classified by category and also another section where they can became a member. Users are able to create their own section with chosen topics which are great to filter news based on their interest.

In our first implementation, we've integrated a modal box and iframe option to display external news, citing the external source where the user can browse the original article within this modal box to be able to quickly return to GleanSpot or share using social networks.

In the latest release, we integrated social networking features, including social login with Facebook, Twitter and Google to allow the user a very simple access to the website. In this case, we've installed a plugin that allows registration and login using user's favorite social network, so you do not need to remember a username and password but just enter to your account with a single click, after accepting linking GleanSpot with your social network account.

In the sections "Settings" the system allows registered users to enable a newsletter with topics of interest. It has been implemented by installing a Newsletter plugin and also developing a custom plugin for manage topics posts. Users are able to choose posts they want to receive via email. The web administrator can select posts under each topic/category and set them into the daily or weekly newsletter. We also configured the sender and sending feature to be compliance with major email service (e.g. Google Mail, Yahoo, Microsoft Live, etc)

In order to achieve described features, we've developed custom Wordpress plugins and customized Wordpress theme using PHP, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery.

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