Verb Conjugation (

Verb Conjugation (

The Spanish Verb Conjugation is a web application where you can find words on either Spanish or English and check meaning on both languages. This is a great tool for students.

Inception Phase

Our client has approached with the idea to enhance a feature for the existing website After evaluate features and options, we have suggested to implement a new web app under a subdomain. 

We also confirmed best way to find words withing the dictionary and agreed to keep a very simple and minimalist web design.

Development phase

We have defined the server and website architecture in order to show a responsive and mobile-friendly interface but a strong and robust backend. That is why we have chosen Angular for the frontend web app and Laravel for the backend administrator panel and RESTful API.

The Angular application was defined as a SPA (Single Page Application) where you can use the search box and also the alphabet short cut to browse words. After clicking on one word, you will be taken to the detail page. 

We have implemented Bootstrap for the templates and also included Bower, npm and grunt to speed up our development.

The API was designed to deliver the content really fast by implementing Solr search engine. Every time the Angular. 

Laravel framework was deployed into a CentOS server with MySQL database. We development a simple administrator panel with login, users and content listings, fully managed by the client. We also implemented a license manager so the client is able to add new content and include the legend, licence and proper links to sources.

The search engine was implemented under a separated VPS. We have installed and configured Solr to be really fast and secure. Our Sysadmin has installed and configured Java for running Solr and completed this setup by including firewall blockers and email server in order to deliver messages.

Finally, we have released the new app and imported a full database to be indexed inside the internal search engine. The migration process was coordinated with the client and included under Creative Commons license.

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