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Magento 2 migration Description

Biedler's has been a family owned and operated business since it was founded in 1950. They own a serie of websites to offers different products and services. In this project we focused to migrate an old ecommerce platform to Magento 2.


The client sent requirements to migrate this old system to new Magento 2 platform. We have evaluated and validated everything with them to confirm the best approach before start working on. Development progress has been reported almost daily to our client, this allowed us to refine details and update features to improve user experience and checkout process that fits the best for them.

We performed a full migration to Magento 2 and also we install and customize some extensions. As part of the migration phase, we have setup an staging server (VPS) with php 7 and varnish.

During the migration, we have imported all products and data provided in Excel files by our client, which were then used in a new product page design under main sections in site. Finally, we implemented a parallax navbar to show different sections under the new product page template.

Common features we have implemented

  • Static Home page: allow to admin user to easily edit content
  • Payment methods: allow users to by online using credit cards
  • Shipping methods: we have configured carriers based on the client providers
  • Search and categories pages: to provide users an easy way to find the product they need. They can use the following options
    • Search by Model #
    • Search by tool type
    • Search by part number

Among most important tasks we have completed, we can mention the speed optimization based on Google PageSpeed and the microdata schema integration, breadcrumb and product offers for all pages. We installed and configured extensions to keep better site performance as well as gzip compression with optimized images to increases page speed even more.

We configured product variants and parts. The admin is able to include a product per each model part and this will be listed under the product model page. The user can easily find a model, check for different parts, add to cart more than one and complete the purchase in a few of clicks!

We have implemented several Magento overrides on template and functionality. We performed a redesign with a new responsive web design to make a mobile-friendly user experience. Every custom code was completed under Magento standards. 

Some of the custom extensions we've developed in Serfe:

  •  BackendShipping to enable specific shipping methods from backend.
  •  CanonicalUrl to modify canonical meta tag.
  •  Framework this extension overrides a module to allow underscores in the url key of products. Good to keep fallback on old urls.
  •  NavigationMenu to handle main menu items in front-end side. Admin can manage freely any menu item link.
  •  ProductList a custom search based on model number (CAT). 
  •  Seo is an override of an existent extension to allow custom microdata based on standard
  •  StructuredData is to handle custom structured data based on standard

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