IT Consulting

Infrastructure of Information Technology (hereafter IT) must be continuously aligned with your business goals and provide accurate support for business processes. Whether for daily operations or for long-term planning. Our IT Consulting service will ensure that your organization adapts quickly and effectively to new business requirements, which are constantly changing and evolving with the use of information technologies based on open source software.

Our experienced team will provide advice and solutions using the best engineering practices in the areas of:

  • Software security: backup your information and prevents for being hacked.

  • Upgrading, customizing and migrating systems: keep all your systems up-to-date, plan and migrate your old system to a more secure and robust new one with a professional team that will lead you.

  • Planning, implementation and integration of IT systems: we help you in all stages of your project.

  • Accessibility and Usability: access controls, permissions, source code versioning. Know who made each change and authorize only the right person.

  • Data management and large volumes of informationconvert your large databases into useful information for decision-making, and generate a competitive advantage with our Business Intelligence solutions.

  • Optimized IT infrastructure and less complex: integrated hardware, software, networks, communications and services to achieve maximum returns on their resources.

  • Redesign and Process Improvement adapted to the IT system: optimize tasks, reduce your total running time, and be able to align the work with system processes.

Thus, even if your company does not have an IT Department or if they are too busy with other needs, your organization will be able to improve responsiveness and customer satisfaction, maximizing resources, reducing costs and valuable time.

See our wide solutions and help offers for you to choose the one that suits your needs.

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