SDKs & Packages Development

Our developers team specializes in writing SDK integrations and packages. Along all those years, we have acquired a great experience working on challenging projects, most of them involving a package or SDK integration.

What is a SDK?

SDK (Software Development Kit) is a set of tools that will help another application to use your existing system. The usage of an SDK is limitless and it will depends on your needs. In general, we create an SDK to integrate or connect two (or more) systems, for instance an online store with an Marketplace Platform.

The SDK will be implemented under a programming language, it should be the same language the system was built in. Once the SDK is integrated, then we can easily start connecting parts of the system with an external application (another system, a REST API, an ecommerce, an ERP, CRM and more)

What is a package?

The concept of package in software development is quite old. These packages are also known as components or modules and provide a complete feature for your system. We have used millions of packages for our web and mobile projects. For some of those projects, we didn't find a proper package that provide the exact behavior we were looking for, therefore we have created our own package.

In the past 5 years we created dozens of packages for programing languages like PHP (Magento, Woocommerce, Laravel), Javascript (NodeJS, Angular, React), Ruby (Shopify, SpreeCommerce) and Python (Django).

Development Process

If you need to create your own SDK or package, then you are maybe facing a lot of questions. We already answered them when created all those packages in the past. We have defined a clean process to proceed from the discovery to the package stable release.

The process is really simple, we will find out exactly what the package needs to do. We will implement the package installer and all features, choose all dependencies in a wise way to keep them under control, finally create a complete documentation and examples so you can distribute the package for everyone, when it is a public launch or simply keep it for your organization.

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