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Creating mambots for Joomla 1.0.x

This article will explain how to create a mambot on Joomla 1.0.x (Plugins from Joomla 1.5). It is recommended to have knowledge of PHP and HTML to read this article.

What is a Mambots?

Mambots are the applications that intercept the contents (documents or items of components) before being published and displayed by the system, and add or alter information dynamically, thus completing the total content that will be delivered the end user’s browser. The Mambots can be called by special commands, or can be displayed by default for certain content / components.

Mambots are located in the directory /mambots. As the components and modules can be installed/uninstalled, configured and published from the backend of Joomla.


At present there are 5 factors (documented) to trigger a Mambots:

  • onPrepareContent
  • onSearch
  • onInitEditor
  • onGetEditorContents
  • onEditorArea

Each event require a numer and parameters.

Example of a Mambot:

As modules, Mambots are composed of two core files. One is the .xml file that gives the configuration for the installation, and the other is .php file that allows us to codify what the mambots will do. Al the mambot files should start with “mos”.

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