Mobile App Development

Based on our extensive experience with HTML5, JavaScript and TypeScript we are currently developing mobile applications for major mobile platforms like iOS or Android with a single deployment under React Native or Flutter (besides other options). These awesome tools allows us to easily combine our web skills and build them into a mobile application.


  • Platform: iOS / Android 
  • Database: SQLite / DynamoDB / MongoDB
  • Connection with API REST / Web Service / Heroku / AWS / Dedicated server deployment
  • Checkout all development technologies we use

The mobile applications that we implement include different configurations and different architectures. Thus, we can offer online and offline tasks for the application’s users, synchronization tools and even combine this UX using a website where all users are able to manage their data, subscriptions plan, etc. 

In addition, we have a large experience working on data migration and sync in order to connect your existing infrastructure or legacy systems with your new mobile app.

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