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We had a double celebration! Our office opening and our end-of-the-year party!

19 December 2019

The end of the year and the opening of our new offices were the perfect excuse to celebrate. We did it in the brand-new multi-purpose room located in the 4th floor of our building with a live DJ, a drinks bar and craft beer.

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We have opened our new office building!

10 December 2019

Given the constant growth of our valuable team, and all the challenging projects that have been leading us to important achievements, we defined an important goal three years ago: to build a workspace that would make the difference and provide the appropriate infrastructure to accompany this growth. To accomplish this, we dreamt of a place that would have a distinguished design and structure and that would also be sustainable and contribute to the environment. After putting a lot of effort into it, what seemed like a dream has now become true.

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Serfe turns 16!

30 October 2019

In keeping with tradition, we have celebrated our company's anniversary in October with a team's get together and barbecue.
We've been providing opensource solutions to worldwide customers for the last 16 years. So, we'd like to express our gratitude to them for choosing us along this years.


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We have redesigned our logo

07 August 2019

Our brand has been going along with us for more than 15 years. It has been a witness of our growth and quality improvements that we have been experiencing during these years.

Along with our human component, it is the most important resource that our company has. It identifies us, it is a reflection of who we are, of our values and represents us in communication with our clients and the rest of the community.


Serfe info(at) FALUCHO 2032, S3016LDB, SANTO TOME, SANTA FE, ARGENTINA 1-305-5375397