CRM: Customer Relationship Management

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CRM is a tool for the management of customer relationships. It is very useful in any business, from manufacturing goods to those that provide services as it allows to plan a business strategy based on clients. This tools become essential in global markets like IT services where retain a customer is more important than winning new ones.

This tool is an open system data (front office) that gives us the opportunity to exchange information with customers. To create records which allow us to see the concept of value that the customer has with the product, to focus on the real needs processes that give rise to the application and delete processes that result in an increase in the price of the product without increasing its value. We can also anticipate new requirements and provide better after-sales services.

The use of a CRM system often fails or doesn’t give the desired results because its implementation is only limited to software installation without studying the context of the company, nor provide the necessary knowledge to its employees. A CRM system should be implemented only after studying the current relationship with customers and defining the new one that the company  wants to reach. Once we know that we will have a clearer picture of which systems we will need, which procedures will need to be standardized and on which topics will be needed to train the staff of the organization.

The CRM software was initially developed by payment and large companies. Recently, however, began to emerge such as “open source”, ie free and open source. This brings with it the following advantages: low cost and the possibility of changing them to the needs of each company.

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