Facebook Connect: Login to a website without registration

What is Facebook Connect?

Facebook’s new product called Facebook Connect allows us to use the same login on multiple sites without the need to record us as a new user.

With this new service, we may also import all our contacts and our social network, with full profile, to the other sites included in the agreement.

The rough idea is to share the record of Facebook on other sites to avoid having to register each time.

How to Link to Facebook?

1. Create a Facebook application development: we must start by having a user, then enter the  developers area https://www.facebook.com/developers/editapp.php to register a new application. We have to fill optional fields and CallBack URL with the URL of the site to which we link Facebook. Leave the other in default would be the right thing, then accept.

I recommend saving the API Key, because we use it in a moment.

2. File Connection: Now we return to our project. We can create a folder to save files in Facebook, or place them in the same root.

The first file you need to create is one that creates the connection to Facebook:



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