Software Requirements, Concepts and Methodologies for Agile Teams

Following our training program, last November we attended the course “Software Requirements, Concepts and Practices for Agile Teams” delivered by Mr. Luiz Parzianello and organized by the Foundation for the development of new technologies.

Its objective was to develop basic skills necessary to capture, analyze, specify and validate a Product Backlog (requirements) effective preserving agile principles and practices. These where the main topics:

  • Present the risks of decision-making process of the human mind and its influence on software requirements.
  • Submit an effective way of identifying the scope of software project based on business analysis and project.
  • Present models and effective practices for working with requirements in agile methodologies with techniques for estimating the size of the problem.
  • Develop an awareness of Planning and Production Control (PCP) for the management of requirements based on concepts and practices of inventory control.

Of course that also took the opportunity to take a walk in the hills of Cordoba.

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