Inception phase / Discovery

One of our existing customers approached us with the idea of creating a system that leverages the ChatGPT API. This system aims to parse, process, and provide recommendations for understanding Naval instructions as if it were a conversation with a navy instructor or a navy friend.

Based on this idea, we planned the implementation details and decided to use the AWS Amplify platform for rapid deployment and iterations. As part of the requirements was to have conversations stored for offline use, we opted for creating a PWA application, syncing it with AWS AppSync to fulfill this need.

From Text to Conversations

To enable users to "chat" with instructions, we uploaded PDFs, parsed, cleaned, and stored the information in the database. Using the OpenSearch system for indexing made relevant information accessible even when users don't know which instruction contains the required steps.

Integration with ChatGPT API

To facilitate communication with the ChatGPT API, we created a Python function to manage conversations with documents and the AI system. Python's versatility and AWS Amplify's support for multiple languages allowed seamless integration. We iteratively refined the prompt structure, checks, and validations to ensure precise inferences and meaningful responses to users.

Stripe Payment Integration

We initiated the Stripe account using Stripe Atlas to handle payments. Users utilize tokens for AI usage, receiving a fixed amount upon signup. After consuming these tokens, users can purchase token packages for continued API usage. Stripe Elements facilitated seamless payment integration within the application, providing a smooth user experience and handling payment processing and validation.

Progressive Web App (PWA) for Enhanced Accessibility & Web Presence with WordPress

we showcase our expertise in crafting custom web applications from the ground up, employing cutting-edge technologies for seamless functionality. Our primary focus lies in the integration of AWS Amplify and Next.js/React to deliver robust and responsive web experiences.

Prioritizing user experience, we developed a Progressive Web Application (PWA) with offline capabilities using AWS AppSync. This not only enhances privacy but also provides users with seamless access, even in offline mode. AWS Cognito and AWS SES were seamlessly integrated for secure user registration and authentication processes.

To establish a strong online presence, we strategically designed a frontend website utilizing WordPress as a dynamic landing page. AWS Lightsail facilitated smooth hosting on the AWS platform, ensuring reliability and optimal performance. We created the landing page design and content.

Secure User Management Dashboard

A dedicated dashboard application was crafted to empower system administrators. This application seamlessly integrates with the AWS Cognito system, enabling administrators to manage documents, users, and system preferences efficiently. All backend communication is orchestrated through GraphQL calls into the AWS AppSync service, ensuring a secure and efficient data flow.

Publishing & Testing

Designed for consistency between development and production environments, publishing involves updating the code and releasing the system as tested in the testing environment. Automated testing, including critical elements, ensures that each release undergoes rigorous validation before reaching the production environment. Tools like CodeceptJS and Playwright validate the interface and workflow, providing confidence in the changes working as expected.

The project swiftly progressed from conception to deployment in the production environment, emphasizing the critical element of time. Given the clarity of the niche and the rapid expansion within that timeframe, efficient execution became uppermost.

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Nov 2023 - NavyEval

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