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Lex Connect helps Law Departments identify the most suitable vendors to solve their challenges.

The founders of Lex Connect experienced firsthand how frustrating it could be for a Law Department to identify appropriate vendors that could fulfill their requirements: confusing websites, overuse of jargon and acronyms.

Serfe helped to Lex Connect to redesign his old website by adding moderns and useful technologies. We installed a new Joomla 3 site with Bootstrap and then worked on the web design to customize the template.

For this project we implemented a very custom Joomla component with a B2B approach to allow visitors choose Primary and Secondary Challenge and receive the proper company for them. Thus, any service company is able become a vendor in the system, they need to complete a registration. The solution finder will show better match for the given challenge (services) in order to list the results to the visitor. Additionally, the visitor can save the report as PDF or send it via email to anyone.

The component was implemented based on all Joomla standards. It's fully integrated with the native users management. We also implemented a plugin for that purpose.

The template has been done based on a Bootstrap theme. This ensure mobile support and great look and feel for desktop and tablets as well.

The website include several sections which were configured in the Joomla category system. We also added a Blog sections with all nice features you may need (authors, tags, share via social networks, etc). We created common static pages you need in any website like About Us, Contact, Terms of Use and the sitemap.

Finally, we performed an optimization for this website by including plugins and components which help to speed up all the pages.

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