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Olafhussein.com is an online store for the dutch clothes Olaf Hussein brand. Customer can easily browse and add items to cart to complete a purchase.

The web site shows a very visual home page where the visitor can find information about Olaf Hussein trade mark and products available each season. The store has been implemented in a separated section, it is under Wordpress and we installed WooCommerce extension to manage products and checkout process.

We took an existing Wordpress theme and customize it based on our client needs as well as we implemented necessary changes to adapt the product pages and checkout to be mobile-friendly. The web design includes also several visual effects we implemented with HTML5 and jQuery, photo slides, touch/drag photos, nice scroll and more.

There are three main features we can highlights about WooCommerce: 

  • Products manager: provide support to real products and digital downloads to subscriptions, you'll be able to set up a WooCommerce store to sell worldwide (or by country, as we did on this case)
  • Mobile friendly: WooCommerce is designed to ensure your store and products look as good on a desktop computer as they do on your customers mobile phones. 
  • No retainer for a month, no hidden fees: WooCommerce is totally free and open source component, even when you can pay for addons you pay once. You own all your data, it gives you complete control of your business and future.


Finally, a WooCommerce plugin was installed and configured to course credits cards payments in Netherlands.


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Dec 2014 - Olaf Hussein

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