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Proper Index Description

Proper Index is a custom Wordpress plugin to allow admin users to create listings, directories, guides or reference pages on any Page or Post. The plugin must be installed and configured as any other, with options under Appearance and Settings menus.

Our client asked you to implement a new Wordpress plugin from scratch in order to be distributed with an annual fee.

Development phase

We started working on the project with the plugin needs and structure to meet all Wordpress standards. After collect client's specifications, we developed the first beta version of this plugin.

Post and pages

The plugin will integrate a new meta box where the admin or contributor user can create a Proper Index entry, the user provide an URL, the plugin scan that page, load an image, retrieve title and description and render a simple modal window where the user can edit data and submit the link.

The user can use different Proper Index entries, with preview photo, with no preview photo and separators, to build desired layout. They can easily drag and drop each entry.


The plugin includes a widget to add links to external pages. Thus, users can choose an existing post to load the links they already added under it. This works the same way on pages. The can even define a widget title and amount of links to be listed.


Under default Wordpress Appearance, users will find a new menu item to add custom design for Proper Index entries. It will show color pickers and different options to add great colors to titles, descriptions and links.


This final page will allow Pro Subscriptions and Affiliated to put their sign up and put their key. Therefore, when a new version is available they can upgrade the plugin right in the Wordpress plugin page, as any other plugin.

Proper Index web

We also developed the website to distribute the plugin, we installed a theme and customized the look and feel based on the provided graph design. We implemented login, register and download page. Users can proceed with checkout and pay using Easy Digital Downloads service.

Demo site

We implemented a demo site to show the plugin. This is an special Wordpress instance we customized to allow visitor to login, try the plugin and check all features. We developer a session handler in order to show to visitors all created posted they did but hide the rest of the post from other visitors. The demo site is refreshed every day and sample data dropped to not accumulate all those posts in the database.


Wordpress: It is one of the most popular CMS based on PHP and MySQL. It is open source and provide a large directory with awesome plugins.

Jquery / Ajax: we use ajax to load data dynamically and scan external pages.

Easy Digital Downloads: we integrated this plugin for Wordpress to allow our client to collect payments and manage the digital stuff, in this case the plugin, so he can distribute the install package and handle each plugin version.


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