Custom Magento 2 Theme

Custom Magento 2 Theme Description

Custom Magento 2 theme that we have developed from scratch based on a PSD. 

Development phase

Our client has provided a PSD (Photoshop) with a web design and we did the rest. We have implemented the new custom theme using the blank Magento 2 theme

The home page includes several page block and a custom Magento modules. We have implemented the main menu, featured products slider and footer with dynamic information. The admin user is able to fully control the content, update images, sliders and links.

The product pages was implemented with the Magento base structure, customizing colors, fonts and sizes to match the given web design. The admin user is able to add, edit and remove products as well as update prices, manage payments and shipping services and of course, process orders online using Magento Orders panel.

We took advantages from new Magento approach to use static content, cache and LESS for stylesheet preprocessor. We have used Magento developer tools, CLI command line and build-in features to improve theme quality and development speed.

Everything has been implemented under Magento 2 standards. Do you need a custom Magento theme? Do not hesitate to contact us today!


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Dec 2017 - Custom Magento 2 Theme

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