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Hoodjukins Furniture website belongs to a company located in Redwood City, California which provides the e-commerce storefront to sell different furniture. The company contacted us to provide the required work to update the website from the existing Magento 2.3 version into the new 2.4 version and also make some adjustments into the shipping integration and troubleshoot issues with the integration with the ERP system.

Update of modules

Based on this, we did a full catalog of all the extension that were present on the Magento installation checking the propose of them and validating if they still required based on the business rules that the system is supposed to work on. Based on our findings, we discovered a lot of extensions that were not required anymore and can be removed, checked which elements can be updated directly from the vendor newest version, and which modules need to be reviewed and have their code updated to make them compatible with the 2.4 Magento version as the vendor does not support the newest version yet.

Shipping modules changes & creation

After this process was completed we were assigned with the task to remove the current shipping module that was used on the system and generate new Magento 2.4 compatible modules to handle the different rules on the shipping. On the business rules, we had to allow the customers to pickup the products from the store directly showing the store location to the user on the checkout steps, and have a shipping method where the cost is determined by the zip code where the order is placed. We reviewed to use the current MultiSource Inventory (MSI) capabilities of Magento 2.4, but we discarded the option as complicated too much the management of the stock of the products.

One of the modules was in charge of showing the option to do the store pickup and show the information of the store that is stored on the Magento Backend. The other one, was created as a new shipping method that allows to upload a csv file where the admin can indicate the country, state, zip code and cost of the shipping method to be charged. This information is then used to display the cost of the shipping to the user on the first step of the checkout.

Customer ERP integration changes

All of this changes were also integrated and validated to allow to accommodate the new information for the scripts that synchronizes the orders from the Magento store into the RetailVantage system that the customer uses to manage and ship the orders from the store.

Payment Gateway update

Once all validation for this steps were performed and finished by our team, our client requested to update the Merchant-E payment solution and integrate an extra security by adding a captcha, this is included on necessary pages. The Merchant-E provide integration with the existing ERP system used in the store location. After this was completed, we tested against a staging server the steps to migrate the code and the database and publish the updated website codebase, which will allow the customer to improve the maintenance, speed and ability to add new features to the system.

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