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Yadav was established in 1983 as jewelers and diamonds wholesalers on South of Market district in San Francisco. 

Development phase

We started working on little maintenance task for the frontend store. Quickly the client decides to bring entire project to our team. That was at the end of 2nd quarter of 2016 when we started working in a larger list of tasks before launch new brand domain.

We have to work on web design improvements and platform changes to make custom frontend and backend features. The website was launched at the end of 2016. Since that moment, we are working on continues improvements and adding more functionality for every section.

During 2019, we have performed a full redesign based on the new brand colors. We have received a new look and feel and started working on the necessary updates. During the redesign we updated Bootstrap and optimized the most important pages in order to improve mobile page speed and usability. We could confirm the organic traffic for the first 2 month after releasing the new web design and optimization was 20% more in comparison with the same period in previous year.


The platform has been implemented using Spree Commerce under Ruby on Rails. As it was a very basic and limited platform, we have enhanced it with new administrative features like custom orders fields, improved checkout workflow and internal CMS. We have also developed a reports dashboard to make it easier for our client track sales and amounts every period/season

For the checkout process we have implemented Authorize.net, Paypal and Affirm payment gateways. Cardinal Cruise service for secure payments on Visa and Mastercard credit cards . UPS is used for national and international shipping.

Diamonds and suppliers management

The diamonds business is quite unique, that's why we have developed an unique componente to be integrated into Spree Commerce for handling this product. 

Every natural diamonds can be sold once, so you can't handle it just like a product manufactured. You can't sell a diamond it twice, so we helped to define a solution that fits client expectation and at the same time helped customer to choose the perfect diamond for them without troubles. 

The client counts with a large list of suppliers. The cost of each diamonds can vary every day, so we must ensure everything is up-to-date when customer are browsing the website. These providers companies upload diamonds stock daily (some of them upload updates several times every day). There are around 100,000 diamonds updates every day.

In order to handle all suppliers uploads, we generate FTP accounts and expect Excels/CSV files. There is an automatic software that scan the stock files and refresh ecommerce database every hour.

On the administrator panel, we have developed a page for check suppliers status, activate or deactivate suppliers and confirm how many diamonds they have uploaded to be sold. 

The technical approach for this was not easy to design, we have a dozen of suppliers. All of them, upload a file in different format and same attributes with different names. So we have defined a dynamic real-time mapper that collect the give stock file and "translate" each attribute into Yadav platform format. The, we have developed a cronjob using a custom gem under Ruby that pull all information from the master diamonds stock file and finally update everything on the live database

All products and diamonds are synced on Google index everyday buy submitting a sitemap.xml according to Schema.org recommendation.

Amazon S3 and optimization

The website optimization was one of the most important tasks before launch. We have integrated Amazon S3 buckets and optimized images there. We have also checked the web app using Google PageSpeed in order to apply all recommendations. We combined CSS and JS files as well as minify and compress everything. We reached score above 90/100 for mobiles.

Walmart Market Place integration

Yadav has applied to be a Walmart Merchant integrated into Walmart online store. Under categories Jewelry, Wedding & Engagement and Rings Engagement. 

Serfe have developed a software to connect with the database of Yadav's web, pull all necessary products and push to Walmart Restful API. We helped to our client to manage this kind of orders by develop a custom sections into the website admin panel.

Mobile Web App

We have started this project with a very poor mobile-friendly platform. During firsts few month we have improved the website to behave like a mobile web app. Mobile conversion rates start increasing a lot. So far every month more people can reach Yadav website and using on their smartphones. Currently we can see that more than 60% of Yadav traffic come from mobiles (source: Google Analytic)

Intercom integration for live chat and customer care

The cliente used to use an old live chat integrated with his previous website version. We have recommended to integrate new Intercom platform which offers not just a live chat but a complete tool for a proper customer care with better approach. 

We have integrated the icon button into the website

Server deployment with DigitalOcean and Heroku

The production server is deployed on Heroku. It is a cloud platform as a service supporting several programming languages that is used as a web application deployment model. We have a PostgreSQL database to keep information persistent. 

The staging website has been deployed on DigitalOcean using CentOS 7, Nginx and Unicorn. The benefit of implement a staging website is that we can release a beta site for revision without affect live customers.

We have installed and deployed CloudFlare Pro version and work with CloudFlare staff for improvements in website security.

Web maintenance

We are currently on the maintenance phase for this project. It consists on provide technical support for our client and his staff. We also work with Suppliers, actively checking with these companies about stock and files uploaded.

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