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247Drive offers a special service with the Online Driver Improvement Course in Virginia, USA.

Initial phase

The client contacted us to solve several BUGs that the site had and that were affecting the reputation of the business. We did a review and reported a set of tasks necessary to improve the user experience during the course and correct critical errors

Performance and Safety

When we took the project, we found errors in several important aspects, especially security and performance.

  • Fixed errors that did not allow the user to complete the course
  • Site loading speed improved
  • We have upgraded Drupal and PHP because the site was running on PHP 5.6, which has known vulnerabilities. So we bring the core of Drupal 7 and all its modules to the latest version available to run properly and secure. We started work to update using security patches on the core and then continue working with all of the modules, one by one to make sure nothing got broken. Once the site is updated, we work on updating source code in order to support several custom modules to run under PHP 7.4 version.

UI/UX improvements

After fixing all the critical issues we started working on the redesign. In this phase, the theme was also updated and we worked together with the client to define some improvements in the design that included a new header, footer and several modifications to achieve a responsive site that allows students to take the course from any device .

Migration to a VPS

In addition to above, we also worked to improve the page loading speed and we decided to migrate the site from a shared hosting to a dedicated VPS. We help the client to choose proper (and convenient cost) hosting that suited the needs of the site, this also would allow us to continue scaling in the future. We deployed a server with Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) stack from scratch and configured the necessary security settings to maintain optimal performance of the website.


Currently the site is stable and all errors have been corrected. We are now working on new requirements and tasks requested by the client.

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