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The Center of Studies on Climate Variability and Change (CEVARCAM) is a research group that operates within the Faculty of Engineering and Water Sciences (FICH), National University of Litoral (UNL) and is part of a comprehensive process of extension and integration between the University and people. This center was developed thinking in the region, community, and their socio-economic activities, with the firm decision to provide planners, decision makers and other stakeholders with tools to reduce the vulnerability of the community and make progress to sustainable development in the region. CEVARCAM encourages research, training and collaboration in the following themes of interest: Hydro-Climate Variability and Change, Weather Forecast and Interactions in the Climate System. The site is multilingual and it publish the forecast and radar images generated by the group.

For this project we build the website using Joomla. First, we designed a logo and then the website. Next, we implemented the website design creating a Joomla template and the designer created a flash animation for the home page. After that, we configured the system and loaded the contents. We also developed a custom extension for Joomla to manage and display the forecast and radar images.

The forecast and radar images extension allows the administrator to create, update and delete the domains and variables that will be displayed and set the source from where the images will be pulled. On the website, a visitor can select the domain and variable to display, the images are retrieved using Ajax. If the variable chosen displays a set of images, animation controls are showed in order to see the evolution, this functionality was developed using JQuery. 

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