JReserv: The Open Source Solution for Online Reservations

27 April 2009 Published in Blog

We are currently working on the development of an open source extension for Joomla 1.5 which will add online booking functionalities to any  portal implemented on the mentioned CMS.


With this tool the customers of any companies in the sectors of hotels, restaurants, car rental agencies and all those who offer the booking of any good or service for a fixed period will be able to make reservations via the Internet by defining the type of product to purchase and the date of start and end of the reserve. The system will also give the chance to make the payment through Internet.

Companies who use this package may acquire a strong presence on Internet, extending the range of benefits provided to its customers and improve its image by presenting it as active and modern.

This tool will allow to hotels, restaurants, car rental business, etc a:

  • Better communication with their clients. Allows the customer to obtain all information related to the company (mission, values, products and services sold, location, etc.) as well as a contact point.
  • Improving the image of it by presenting it as active and modern.
  • Cost savings associated with the marketing of products and services.
  • It offers new benefits to customers. You can purchase your products and services at home and in most cases at a lower price due to savings in marketing costs.
  • Better communication with the client. Can display a product catalog with a detailed description of the advantages or benefits of each.
  • Reach customers in others states and countries.

Keep you informed about the project on www.jreserv.com.


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