Requirements Phase

JReserv: We finished the requirement phase

We are pleased to announce that we have completed the requirements phase of JReserv project. Here are the features that we will implement in the first version.

  1. Management:
    1. Resources Management
    2. Packages Management
    3. Prices and Availabilities Management
    4. Clients Managements
    5. Agents Managements
    6. Configuration Managements
  2. Services that would be offered to visitors:
    1. Resources Catalog and Packages
    2. Online Booking

1 Resources Management:

The system will allow the management of resources, allowing to Create, Read, Update y Delete (CRUD) them. The system must store relevant information about it including: title, description and images.

Also should allow to classify the resources in a flexible manner in order to be suitable for any business allowing the proper adaptation of the tool to any environment. A resource would be associated to a bookable category which will be associated with one or more than one category. At the same time, a category can be classified in other parents categories. For example, for a resource of a hotel called “101 room” could be associated to a bookable category called “Double Room”, which may be associated with the following categories “Caesar Hotel” to define that it belong to this hotel. At the same, this hotel may be associated with “Santa Fe” to identify to which city belongs.The category “Caesar Hotel” may be a children of another category called “Emperors Chain” to identify which chain owns the hotel while “Santa Fe” is the children of “Argentina” to determine to which country it belongs. As you can see this is very flexible and could be adapted to any business.

A bookable category may be associated to one or more addons. These addons can be purchased at the same time of the booking. For example, by booking a “Double Room” we would be able to add to our order a “Dinner Menu”. It is possible that the addons impact on the price of the reservation.

Picture 1: Entities associated with resources

Bookable categories and categories would also have associated properties that represents its characteristics. Having this information in a separate entity will allow to perform searches of resources and categories which have these characteristics in common. As an example, the resource “Double Room” could have assigned properties “Jacuzzi”, “Private Bath”, “Air Conditioning”. Then if you’re interested in making a reservation for a room with Jacuzzi you could make a filtering to obtain a list of all the rooms that have those features and then choose between them.

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