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Agreement signed with UTN for Quality Management System Certification ISO 9001:2008

16 March 2011

The project “Certification of the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 of the Software Companies in the city of Santa Fe and the region” was initiated in the Meeting Room of the Board of the National Technological University, Santa Fe.

In the project will work together UTN and 10 companies in the region, and will have partial funding from the Government of the Province of Santa Fe, through the Ministry of Technology.

Among the objectives, seek to implement and certify the quality of production and service processes of  the companies involved to the project and improving them continuously. Building a partnership swap of  experiences and skills enhancement about quality in production and services software processes, and increase Software Industry in the Province of Santa Fe, with demonstrable ability to develop quality products exported to other markets.

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7 years of sustained growth

14 October 2010

Each year, in October, we celebrate our anniversary and this time it couldn’t get any better. After a year of hard work and new challenges, it was time for the crew to begin with the arrangements for the company’s 7th anniversary. The result was a wonderful barbecue dinner in a relaxing evening. 

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An anniversary worth celebrating

26 October 2009

The last October 12th was our anniversary that`s why the last Friday we prepare an Asado to celebrate our first 6 years of our company. Years of a lot of work and effort, new challenges and projects, of new opportunities, but also of strengthening, achievement and consolidations.

Thanks to everyone that trust us and make this possible.  It would be no fun without you.

Work team - October 2009

Asado in celebration of 6 years of

Kinds Regards team

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Once again we received visitors from Netherland

15 September 2009

On this occasion we received a visit from two of our European customers, Wouter and Frank from Amsterdam. As usual, we started working on the requirements of the new project and then we gave way to some leisure time and enjoyed a traditional Argentinian barbecue.

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